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Online Services

Online services: Exciting news for schools and parents

It’s the start of a new school year and we have been busy finding ways to make our online services better, to make your lives easier.

Alexa – Pembrokeshire Council
You can now use Alexa, Amazon’s voice service, to find out what is on the Pembrokeshire’s Primary school meals menu. Just ask Alexa what’s for lunch today or tomorrow to help you plan your children’s lunchtimes.
Plus, Alexa can also tell you which schools are closed across the county.
Find out more about how to start using the Pembrokeshire Council Alexa skill

Cashless Catering
You said – we did
You said, you wanted to see your school meals payment balance in real-time (not wait 24 hours for your balance to update). So, we have introduced a real-time balance – meaning that you can now see how much money is in your children’s cashless catering accounts within 15 minutes of making the payment.

Did you know?
You can check your child’s daily Secondary school meals spend in the Cashless Catering widget on your My Account dashboard

Find out how to use Cashless Catering on My Account