St Davids Peninsula 3-16 Church in Wales VA School

On Entry to the school, pupils are placed in one of three ‘houses’; Dewi, Gerallt and Caradog. The three houses compete against each other in cultural, academic and sporting activities.

The School Senedd gives students the opportunity to influence the development and running of the school by raising matter of concern and making recommendations to the Headteacher and Senior Improvement Team. Representatives of the School Council are selected from every form group on an annual basis.

Message from the School Senedd
St Davids Peninsula 3-16 Church in Wales VA School/Ysgol yr Eglwys yng Nghymru Penrhyn Dewi

The Ysgol Penrhyn Dewi school senedd is run by the students for the students. Its purpose is to improve school life and give as many opportunities to the students as possible, but most importantly it ensures that the pupil voice is listened to and acted upon. This year, in response to pupils’ suggestions, the school council have made a wide variety of improvements; from brand new basketball hoops to improving the recycling facilities across the school. We look forward to continuing our work over the coming year.